CAOS Hundred and Ten Meter Dash
Brain Warm-up
When Andrew races Peter in the 100 meter dash, Andrew crosses the finish line when Peter is still 10 meters behind him. To make things fairer, Andrew volunteers to start ten meters behind Peter at the beginning of the race. If both brothers run the same as they did when starting at the same position who should win and why?
  1. bill (solved: 9:58pm 1-25-2005)
  2. Jonathan (solved: 10:48pm 1-25-2005)
  3. dan (solved: 1:24am 1-26-2005)
  4. Steve Klein (solved: 9:46am 1-26-2005)
  5. tom von kercey (solved: 11:23am 1-26-2005)
  6. The Killer Llama (solved: 1:02pm 1-26-2005)
  7. the greathoj (solved: 1:46pm 1-27-2005)
Andrew will win because when Peter reaches the 90-meter mark Andrew will have reached it as well (because it is 100 meters from the start of his track). The last ten meters will be traversed faster by Andrew because he is faster.
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