CAOS In the Dark
Brain Warm-up

Light up all the squares in the two grids, below.  If you can only solve the 4x4 puzzle then go ahead and submit your answer anyway. You can always submit the 5x5 later.

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  1. bluedragon0583 (solved: 12:18am 1-27-2005) *
  2. Vratha (solved: 4:39am 1-27-2005)
  3. Jonathan (solved: 9:08am 1-27-2005)
  4. tom von kercey (solved: 10:11am 1-27-2005)
  5. Brian Glass (solved: 1:50pm 1-27-2005)
  6. the greathoj (solved: 2:18pm 1-27-2005)
  7. tfizzle all the way (solved: 4:47pm 1-27-2005) *
  8. The Killer Llama (solved: 7:17pm 1-27-2005)
  9. Josh G (solved: 9:37am 1-28-2005) *
  10. Geoff Schreiber (solved: 6:19pm 1-30-2005)
  11. Andy DuPlayee (solved: 9:13pm 1-30-2005)
* = Only solved the 4x4.
The first thing to note about this problem is that that order of your clicks does not make any difference. In fact, clicking on a location twice is a complete waste of time because it just un-does any changes made to the board the first time you clicked. Thus, the solution can be represented as the locations that have been clicked an odd number of times. This is how my javascript worked and it is how I will display the answers.

4x4: There are many ways to solve the 4x4 block (16 not counting rotations). The fastest method requires only 4 clicks.

5x5: There is only one way to solve the 5x5 block (again not counting rotations).
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