CAOS Nexus Circuit
Brain Warm-up

Make a single, continuous, and closed circuit (i.e. one big loop) using all the pieces in each of the grids, below.

Orange squares may only contain straight paths.
Yellow squares may only contain turns.
White squares may contain either.

Click on each square to cycle through each of its possible path segments. If you can only solve one of the grids then go ahead and submit it, anyway.

This puzzle requires JavaScript to be enabled on your browser. It has only been tested on IE6 and FireFox 1.0

  1. Kimberly McGraw (solved: 6:17pm 2-4-2005)
  2. none (solved: 1:26am 2-5-2005) *
  3. The Killer Llama (solved: 10:52pm 2-5-2005) *
  4. the greathoj (solved: 2:37am 2-6-2005)
  5. eeyalpud ydna (solved: 9:34pm 2-6-2005)
  6. tom von kercey (solved: 3:13pm 2-7-2005)
  7. mgkdragon (solved: 1:04pm 2-10-2005) *
  8. Steve Klein (solved: 10:02pm 2-10-2005)
  9. The Killer Llama (solved: 1:42pm 2-12-2005)
* = Solved only the 6x6.
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