CAOS Queens Aplenty
Brain Warm-up
Puzzle 1: Place 5 chess queens on the chess board in so that every one of the 64 squares is attacked by at least one of them. Since this includes the squares that the queens are standing each queen must be attacking at least one other queen.

Puzzle 2: Puzzle 2 is the same as puzzle one except that the five locations that contain queens should not be attacked. In other words, make sure that every square is either being attacked by a queen or has a queen standing on it but not both.
  1. Jonathan (solved: 11:29pm 2-16-2005)
  2. the greathoj (solved: 12:17am 2-17-2005)
  3. John Tippabattuni (solved: 8:22am 2-17-2005)
  4. none (solved: 10:54am 2-17-2005) *
  5. Brian Glass (solved: 10:58am 2-17-2005)
  6. Sriram (solved: 11:57am 2-17-2005)
  7. slaydragon (solved: 11:59am 2-17-2005)
  8. The Killer Llama (solved: 1:48pm 2-17-2005)
  9. Erin (solved: 3:39pm 2-17-2005)
  10. eeyalpud ydna (solved: 6:30pm 2-17-2005)
  11. Senthil (solved: 10:18am 2-18-2005)
  12. tom von kercey (solved: 8:17pm 2-21-2005)
  13. Mike (solved: 12:33pm 2-22-2005)
* = Solved only puzzle 2.
There are many correct solutions for each puzzle.
Puzzle 1:
Puzzle 2:
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