CAOS Stack of Cards
Brain Warm-up
Puzzle 1:Take one pair each of Aces, 2ís, 3ís, and 4ís from a deck of playing cards and discard the rest of the deck. Now stack these eight cards so that the Aces have one card between them, the 2ís have two cards between them, the 3ís have three cards between them, and the 4ís have four cards between them.

Bonus:Do the same with 14 cards numbered Ace through 7.
  1. Sriram (solved: 11:00am 2-24-2005) Solved Bonus
  2. John Tippabattuni (solved: 11:35am 2-24-2005) Solved Bonus
  3. bill (solved: 11:39am 2-24-2005)
  4. dan (solved: 3:47pm 2-24-2005) Solved Bonus
  5. STACK OF CARDS (solved: 10:48pm 2-24-2005) Solved Bonus
  6. tom von kercey (solved: 11:59am 2-25-2005) Solved Bonus
  7. Josh Giedeman (solved: 12:07pm 2-27-2005)
  8. the greathoj (solved: 2:21am 2-28-2005) Solved Bonus
  9. trouble (solved: 2:21am 2-28-2005) Solved Bonus
  10. eeyalpud ydna (solved: 7:02pm 3-3-2005) Solved Bonus
  11. The Killer Llama (solved: 1:22pm 3-15-2005)
Solved Bonus = Got the Bonus puzzle as well as Puzzle 1.
There are many solutions. Here are two of them.
Puzzle 1:
Solution to the 8 card problem.

Solution to the 16 card problem.
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